What is your ideal workspace? Is it lounging on a couch or sitting upright at a desk? Lemontwist provides multiple options while balancing productivity and self-care at work. Whether you work from home or in an office downtown, Lemontwist will meet your needs. The Lemontwist will be more than just an additional furniture piece but an investment in a new and healthier lifestyle. With its unique twist of transformability, our pieces allow you to create your idea of a healthy environment.

We started by studying projects that mixed public and private into one space such as Ken Isaac’s Fun House and Lanza Atelier.  These projects, which focused on microhouses and living spaces, allowed us to question the needs of those living and working in the city. We then explored different structures that allowed for multifunctionality by the use of elements. For example, you can add fabric to create a more private space or add lemons for a more relaxed and fun environment. Therefore, creating a system of elements that can interchange based on the user’s needs. By reinventing the workspace and taking inspiration from Ken Issac’s attempts to cultivate a new way of living, Lemontwist breaks the separation between living and working.

Let’s meet the Lemontwist family: Duodesk, Nest, Floform, Bookbench, Zest, and Readseat. Each of these pieces serves different purposes for the user’s needs. When pieced together, they promote employee engagement in an office space and encourage teamwork. When pieces are separated, it allows for more private space to focus on work. Each piece provides a minimum of three unique rotations to fit any space restriction and create fun experiences. For example, Duodesk’s main rotation offers three elements; a soft canvas to create a hammock, a wood board to create a standing desk, and lemons to lounge and relax. Duodesk can also be converted to a hanging rack when rotated vertically.

I am yellow, bring joy to a room, relieve your stress, and massage your back. Who am I? I am the lemons! The lemons break through the formal work environment and provide a new experience. The fun nature of the lemons intrigues users to try out a new experience. While laid on the floor, the lemons provide a therapeutic massage-like experience that can be accessed by all body types and those with physical disabilities. This relaxing sensation can also help those battling anxiety. The color yellow represents a joyful and welcoming feeling, which sets the tone for a healthy work environment. It also creates curiosity toward the pieces and their elements, boosting confidence to interact with other users. After grabbing a book from the Bookbench, you can head to Readseat or Flofrom to enjoy a read with a friend. For a more private setting, choose Nest or Zest.

Lemontwist’s versatility and multifunctionality give users a newfound freedom. It can be easily transported and reassembled with its simple rod and connector structural system. Do you want an escape from the city? Lemontwist allows for an easy assembly at your nearest urban park, liberating users from the daily struggles that come with living and working in the city. Serving many purposes not just at home or in an office.

When you are on a tight budget, we have the perfect solution. With the purchase of just a few extra components, you can turn the Duodesk into the Nest without buying an entire set. This concept works with all pieces and develops endless possibilities of new structures to be explored by the user. It sounds like the perfect investment to me! Not only do you gain a unique piece of furniture, but also a new work environment. Upgrade your workspace with our refreshing Lemontwist.

Houston, May 14, 2023

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